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The Art Wear Effect

Sociale Revolution gives art lovers direct access to the work of artists through the powerful medium of Art Wear. By blending quality clothing and original artwork, people beyond the galleries can now take a leading role in the debate, support and spread of contemporary art.

Only Original Artwork

The artwork we use is created exclusively for Sociale Revolution with fashion design in mind from the start. We partner with talented artists to develop meaningful, socially-conscious pieces that blend beautifully onto clothing.

  • Sociale Revolution is more than a way for artists to make a living and get people talking about their work. It's a chance for people to boldly become part of the conversation, and join the frontlines of a movement dedicated to supporting, debating and spreading impactful new art.

    - David Caffrey, Artist

  • I want to make my art available to everyone. At first I actually wanted to leave my art in the street, hang it up in public for people to just take home. But the idea of people being able to wear my art, take it everywhere with them and not just hang it in their home, takes my work to another level. Like it's reaching everyone it possibly can.

    - Forged Hero, Artist

  • I intend my art to get people talking about gun violence and gun safety. That’s my goal. Sociale Revolution is an opportunity for artists to get their message out in the world and get people involved. I wish there was more art out in the streets, and guns were only in art galleries.

    - Charles Gitnick, Artist

A made-in-America movement

Everything we produce is made in the U.S.A. From fabrics, packaging and labels, right down to those cool little hem tags, Art Wear is created from scratch in America. We simply think this is where you find the best in manufacturing, and the best is worth supporting.

Organic and eco-friendly

All of the materials used in Art Wear are 100% organic, and every step of the manufacturing process is eco-friendly. It's our way of using the best that the Earth has to offer without leaving a footprint.

Fit matters

The cuts we use were carefully selected and crafted for their amazing fit, and we want to preserve that for the lifespan of your Art Wear. Every article of clothing is treated with a pre-shrinking garment dye to ensure that the shape, fit and structure of your Art Wear perseveres through the rigors of washing, drying and everyday stretching.

Premium Printing

Art Wear uses far more colors than the industry average, so we didn't hold back in getting the highest quality printing possible. We use a water-based ink that fuses with the fabric for an all-natural feel and a seamless transition from cloth to artwork. It's soft, light, vivid, and we did it without sacrificing the durability of the design. And, of course, all of our printing is eco-friendly and done right here in the U.S.A.

Customize your art wear

We made Art Wear unique, you make it your own. Any of our art pieces can be combined with any of our cuts: Original Crew Neck, V-Neck, or Sleeveless Tank. On top of this, each piece of artwork comes with several color schemes to choose from so you can fully-personalize your order.

Long-lasting and luxurious

Wouldn't it be great if your Art Wear came out of the box already soft, smooth and with a worn-in feel? We made sure that it does. We use an all-natural, completely chemical-free wash that gives your Art Wear a deep clean and keeps it feeling comfy for a long time to come.

The Team

Fabien ThierryCofounder

Fabien is a Fashion enthusiast with a background in international business. He held Finance, Sales and Marketing positions in several companies before striking out on his own. The personal expression of Fashion and outward declaration of Art have been lifelong passions, and with Sociale Revolution he's finally uniting them.

David CaffreyFounding Artist

David is a highly acclaimed multi-disciplined international artist working in the fields of Fine Art, Photography, Design and Fashion. He oversees the completion of every Sociale Revolution piece to ensure our standards are met.

Malin BeyerDesigner

Malin is a young and innovative new-generation designer. Inspired by her unique impressions of everyday life, Malin's style would be described as contemporary, edgy and enthralling. She's the creative glue between Art and Fashion.

Jonas LindOperations

Jonas has a background in contemporary fashion and a deep understanding of what goes into crafting truly quality clothing. He oversees every step of the manufacturing process to ensure our high standards are met, and once the Art Wear is complete he makes sure it gets to you quickly and in perfect condition for a seamless Sociale Revolution experience.

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