Eszter Nagy



A therapy for the soul: Ester’s adventures with colors, lines and forms have begun in her early childhood, and her first imagined “grown-up job” was definitely to be a graphic artist.

 Driven by her thirst for diving deeper in understanding the forces and processes of creativity she turned towards humanities following studies in textile and graphic design. After immersing in the discourses on cultural history, witchcraft, and underground cultural traditions she got her MA in Art History with a thesis focusing on Modern Art. 

Expressing pictures of imagination and the touch of the canvas has returned to Eszter’s life after a couple of years lapsing. Currently she is working as an applied graphic designer and book illustrator.

Her art can be best described as “decorative experimentalism”, as she is untiringly seeks for new combinations of textile fabrics, vibrating and whirling colors, and artistic ways of expressing images.

Eszter’s pictures come to birth through a poetic discussion between dreams and technical acts of creation resulting a visualized soul therapy. Among her returning motifs the capturing the diversity of movement and species of birds and also portraits many of which are like just taking shape from an ancient oriental fairy-tale.

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