David Caffrey


Style and creativity is a matter of constant development to embrace new ideas and learn the skills to take the ideas forward. I found that working one media alone can be limited, especially when there is so much accessible tools to be used that can score well in other areas using the ideas and visions across all the media. Therefore I have developed skills and styles within oil painting, watercolors, photography, and computer graphics. My different works has given me insight to designing costume, accessories, background scenes and corporate color design, all of which has been useful in my later work on the development of new artistic style that has been generated out of a combination of photographix, painting and computer generation.

In the past I tended to work in a more abstract style incorporating cubism, futurism, realism and such in scenes and images, but more recently I have begun to develop portraiture and socio-observation in my work and am trying to incorporate a mixed media approach using photography, field recordings and painting to create a wider experience for the viewer. I am able to incorporate all of these disciplines into my graphic work, creating a new and unique illustrative feel to the graphic image.

Recently, I have been working as a Freelance artist for various client base including media actors and performers, directors, professional workers, friends and other artists. I feel the private commissions gave me more freedom to express myself on an individual basis.


English Art Show
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U.K. Art Exhibit
The English Art Museum

Freelance artist & Private commissions
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