Clinton Bopp


Clinton was born in New Zealand and now lives in L.A.

Clinton is inspired by people, his surroundings, and places he visits. He seeks to show the interconnectedness of people and the world around him in his artwork. It is fantastic amalgamation of his roots in nature, his urban soul, the Maori influences from his native land, and the deep respect he holds for the cosmic. All is stamped with an eye on the “Street.”
His murals, which are executed in every conceivable style, show mastery of large scale drawing and composition. His images often have political or social elements, and he feels they portray an accurate image of the world in which we live. He wants his works, which are filled layer upon layer with narrative, mystic and literal street elements to engulf their environments.
Clinton is influenced by the Renaissance and Mexican murals and the idea that art should communicate a message or story.
Though he prefers acrylic paint, he often uses a spray can, oil paint, and paint pens and will paint on any surface which comes to hand. This includes recycled canvas that has perhaps been abandoned, wood, walls, shoes, furniture – or any surface.


Clinton Bopp paints murals for public and private clients. His work is represented in several collections.