Alexandra Gallagher


Award winning artist Alexandra Gallagher was born 1980, Lancashire, England

Exhibiting and selling internationally, including the world renowned Saatchi Gallery in London. Alexandra Gallagher's work celebrates the surreal and bizarre.  Between the realms of memory, dreams and experience, often telling a story of inner imagination and thought.

The concept behind my collage work

"My collages are based on how a lot of us now live a lot of our lives through the Internet, wether it’s banking, shopping, social networking or hobby we seem to be spending an increasing amount of time in a virtual world. There is an infinite amount of information and opinions from all over the world. I wanted to be able to visualise and imagine this in a physical sense. The collages are made up from found images through web search engines." 


Saatchi Showdown Surrealism - Second Place Winner


Salon De Street Art II, London


PaperGirl, Belfast

June - July 2014

Saatchi Gallery, London

2012 - 2014

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