Street Photography by David Caffrey

Street Photography by David Caffrey

Photographs are a reflection of my own knowledge of art.

Candid photograph taken on the New York Subway and painted interpretation

Although I have studied and attained a diploma in photography my main discipline is fine art. Photography did not become a large part of my life until I travelled to America, and like most artists that make this trip throughout history, I was inspired record the experience in any way possible.

The most immediate way to do this was to take photographs that I would later use to turn into artwork on my return home. Whilst in New York I bought a cheap instant 6mpxl Pentax digital camera, and began shooting everything around me, buildings, candid shots of people, the underground trains, billboards, neon signs. I suddenly understood the subject matter of many of my favourite artists, like Hopper, Warhol, Rauschenberg, Sheeler and Lichtenstein, and viewed everything like a painting.

Painting by Charles Sheeler and Photograph of buildings taken in downtown Los Angeles

I was successful and created oil paintings and Graphic art from the photographs. Another aspect which I hadn’t notice until I got back to England was how successful the photographs of architecture was. I think because I had more confidence in taking pictures of buildings and didn’t have to rush the shot, I instinctively, set up decent compositions by using the same instinct I use for painting.  

Over time I found my place in the city environment. I walked everywhere taking photographs, and stopped being nervous about taking candid pictures of people in the street, and stalked the perfect image like a lion hunting gazelle. The way I took photographs depended on my mood that day or what I had been watching or studying in the art world, for example I developed a way of capturing geometric pattern in the buildings downtown after studying Charles Sheeler to develop a painting technique.

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